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The City of Lordsburg Street Department is committed to providing all citizens the best customer service. We are dedicated to effectively maintain and repair all streets, alleys, storm drains and ditches in the city. The Street Department also strives to maintain clean streets for all citizens.

Paved Streets

  • Protect the investment in public streets through adequate repair and preventive maintenance to assure maximum life by annual contract maintenance programs and in-house programs such as crack sealing and removal of old asphalt streets and re-laying of new asphalt streets.
  • Ensure the safety of travel for citizens by providing prompt and adequate response to hazardous conditions and respond to inclement weather conditions.

Unpaved Alley Maintenance

Check and grade all unpaved streets and alleys on a regular basis in addition to making emergency calls (salt streets for ice and snow, flood barricading, HAZMAT, remediation, etc.) as needed.

Street Cleaning

Ensures that paved streets are acceptably clean, thereby preventing accelerated deterioration of asphalt streets. Assists in emergency operations.

Storm Sewer Maintenance & Concrete Construction

Ensure that all storm sewer inlets and lines are effectively cleaned and maintained. Removal of debris and foreign matters ensures the proper functioning of the system during potential flooding conditions.

Maintain and repair all concrete alleys and valley gutters, providing assistance in base failure/utility cut repair and curb ramp construction by request.


The City of Lordsburg strives to repair potholes quickly. When you see a pothole and when it is safe to do so, please call City Hall at (575)542-3421.

Not all holes in the road are the same. Some are cave-ins and they usually require more extensive work and take longer to repair. Cave-ins are usually caused by the break of an underground utility line (drainage: water or sewer) and are deeper than potholes.

Call 911 for Dangerous Street or Pedestrian Emergencies

High Priorities

Phone City Hall at (575)542-3421. After normal working hours or on weekends, call Central Dispatch at (575)542-8827. Dispatch will then call out repair crews for high priority items.

  • Traffic visibility problems resulting from trees or shrubs blocking the view of oncoming traffic.
  • Damaged pavement markings: Striping, Crosswalks or Legends.
  • Median island problems such as overflowing water or damaged landscaping.
  • Flooding in washes or in roadways.

Normal Priorities

Phone City Hall at (575)542-3421.

    • Pothole repairs
    • Paved surface maintenance
    • Dirt road maintenance
    • Removal of non-dangerous items from roadways or right-of-ways
    • Alley grading
    • Tree limbs overhanging to streets or sidewalks
    • Drainage & wash maintenance (not flooding)
    • Speed hump maintenance
    • Repair of missing of damaged streets name signs or other informational signs (not traffic control signs)
    • Reports of street light problems 

The City of Lordsburg keeps track of city streets, conditions and estimated years of life. The City has a list of priorities of streets that need to be repaved and puts this list in the State of New Mexico’s ICIP Report. In the meantime, as funds are available high-priority streets in need of repaving are developed with planning, drawings and surveying.

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