Regular City Council Meeting

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Following Zoning Commission Meeting


409 West Wabash – Lordsburg, New Mexico

Meeting ID

879 5051 6143




a). Approval of Agenda

a). Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of June 24, 2022

Finance Department
a). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-23 Budget Adjustment
b). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-24 Final Quarter Report year ending June 30, 2022
c). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-25 Final Budget for FY 2023

Old Business
a). Discussion/Action – New Quote on 9-Hole Disc Golf Course

New Business
a). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-21 Ratifying a certain agreement between The City and Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments
b). Discussion/Action – Ordinance No. 2022-04 – Solar Ordinance
c). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-22 – Agreement between the City of Lordsburg and Dimension Renewable Energy (Solar)
d). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-26 – Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP)
e). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-27 – RCAC Interim Financing for USDA Phase II Water Project
f). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-28 – Participation in Local Government Road Fund and Request for Match Waiver
g). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2022-29 – Submission of a NM Community Development Block Grant Application 2022
h). Discussion – Joint Powers Agreement between Hidalgo County and the City of Lordsburg
i). Discussion/Action – Permission to apply for Grant – Regional Recreation Center & Quality of Life
j). Discussion/Action – Hiring of new Patrolman – Kedrin Sheppard

Executive Session
a). To discuss limited personnel matters as authorized pursuant to NMSA 1978 Section 10-15-1(H)(2) Police Department


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