Regular City Council Meeting

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Immediately following Zoning Commission Meeting


409 West Wabash Street, Lordsburg, New Mexico 88045

Meeting ID

875 0432 8677




a). Approval of Agenda

a). Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 17, 2023
b). Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting of June 7, 2023

Finance Department
a). Discussion/Action — Financial Statement Summary for May 2023 and Bank Statement
b). Discussion — Bills paid for the Month of May 2023
c). Discussion/Action — Financial Statement Summary for June 2023 and Bank Statement
d). Discussion — Bills paid for the Month of June 2023
e). Discussion/Action — Resolution NQ 2023-20 — FY 23 Ending Budget Adjustments
f). Discussion/Action — Resolution NQ 2023-21 — FY 23 — 4thQuarter Report
g). Discussion/Action — Resolution NQ 2023-22 — Final Budget

New Business
a). Discussion —Tisha Green, County Manager — County Update
b). Discussion —Termination of Employees — Museum and Animal Shelter
c). Discussion/Action — Appointment of New Chief of Police
d). Discussion/Action — Employment — Position of Lordsburg Police Department Lieutenant
e).Discussion/Action — Employment — Position of Economic Development Specialist
f.)Discussion/Action — Approval to advertise RFP — Special Events Center — Bowling Center renovation
g.)Discussion/Action — Fleet Safety Policy (per Personnel Policy)
h.)Discussion/Action — Taser Policy (per Police Department Policy)
i.)Discussion/Action — Pursuit policy (per Police Department Policy)
j.)Discussion/Action — Lodger’s Tax Recommendations from Lodger’s Tax Committee
k.)Discussion/Action — Patrick Saucedo — Liquor Permit for Tejano Fiesta

a). Discussion/Action – Resolution NQ 2023-17 — Regular Local Election Resolution
b). Discussion/Action – Resolution NQ 2023-18 – LGRF 2023-2024 Local Government Road Fund Program
c). Discussion/Action — Resolution NQ 2023-19 — Rate Fee Schedule

a). Discussion/Action — Ordinance NQ 2023-02 — Neglected and Vacant Properties (repealed and replaced)
b). Discussion/Action — Ordinance NQ 2023-03 — Camping in City Limits

Executive Session
a). To discuss purchase of land as authorized by Section 10-15-1(H)(8)
b). To discuss threatened or pending litigation as authorized by Section 10-15-1 (H)(7) (Police Department)
c). To discuss limited Personnel Matters (Police Department) as authorized by Section 10-15-10(H)(2)


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