Regular City Council Meeting




12:00 PM, Noon


409 West Wabash Street, Lordsburg, NM 88045

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a). Pledge of Allegiance
b). Approval of Agenda

a). Minutes of Zoning Commission Meeting of December 20, 2023
b). Minutes of Regular Meeting of December 20, 2023

Finance Department
a). Discussion/Action – Finance Statement Summary for December 2023 and Bank Statement.
b). Discussion – Bills paid for the month of December 2023
c). Resolution No. 2024-05 Budget Adjustments

New Business
a). Organizational
1). Discussion/Action – Appointment of Chief of Police – Rodney Plowman
2). Discussion/Action – Appointment of City Clerk – Linda S. Farnsworth
3). Discussion/Action – Election of Mayor Pro-Tem Pursuant to Sec. 3-12-3A(1) NMSA 1978 Comp.
b). Discussion/Action – Police Ride-Along Application and Waiver
c). Discussion/Action – Police Officer Standard of Conduct Policy
d). Discussion/Action – Purchase of Maintenance Department Conex
e). Discussion/Action – Approval of Lodger’s Tax Requests – Cotton City Area Rocketry and LEAP (Lordsburg Economic Advancement Project)
f). Discussion/Action – Bruce Ashburn with PNM – Water Discharge Agreement
g). Discussion/Action – Comprehensive Plan approval – Emily Gojkovich Economic Development Specialist
h). Discussion/Action – Workplan for Annual 2024 Groundwater & Landfill Gas Monitoring and Reporting of Former Lordsburg Landfill and Professional Services Agreement

a). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2024-01 Open Meetings Act
b). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2024-02 Holiday Schedule 2024
c). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2024-03 – Adoption Required – CDBG Certificates and Commitments
d). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2024-04 – Authorizing and Approving Submission of a Completed Application for Financial Assistance and Project Approval to the NMFA
e). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2023-19 Amended Fee Schedule

a). Discussion/Action – Ordinance No. 2023-07 – Parking Restrictions for Commercial Vehicles
b). Discussion/Action – Notice of Intent – Ordinance No. 2024-01 – Parking Restrictions for Recreational Vehicles


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