Regular City Council Meeting




5:30 PM


409 West Wabash Street, Lordsburg, New Mexico 88045

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a). Pledge of Allegiance
b). Approval of Agenda

a). Minutes of Regular Meeting of March 20, 2024

Finance Department
a). Discussion/Action – Finance Statement Summary for March 2024 and Bank Statement
b). Discussion – Bills paid for the month of March 2024
c). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2024-13 Budget Adjustments

Old Business
a). Discussion/Action – New Hire – Caleb Saenz, Lordsburg P.D. Patrolman(revisited)

New Business
a). Discussion – Audit Results Presentation by Beasley, Mitchell & Co.
b). Discussion – Solar Presentation by Sunshare Community Solar
c). Discussion/Action – Invoice from Dimar for fire alarm service and repair at City Hall (not in the budget)
d). Discussion – Update on baseball field
e). Discussion/Action – Renewal of Contract for Richardson Tech, Inc. for IT Services (Vern Richardson)
f). Discussion/Action – Lodger’s Tax Recommendations from Quarterly Lodger’s Tax Committee Meeting held on 4/10/24
1. The Heritage Society
2. Lordsburg Little League
g). Discussion/Action – Contract between Structured Enterprises and City of Lordsburg — Shakespeare Cemetery Brick Arch Project

a). Resolution No. 2024-12 – Fire Equipment Loan #PPRF-6378 (attached with documentation for additional signatures) – Final DSS for Virtue, Arbitrage and Tax Certificate Final, DDCR Final, Financing Schedule, General and No Litigation Certificate Final, Loan Agreement final, Loan Opinion of Counsel Final, Transcript List.

Executive Session
a). Executive Session to discuss a). Threatened or Pending Litigation
(Lordsburg PD) as authorized by NMSA 1978 Section 10-15-1 (H)(7)


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