Special Meeting

Immediately following the Organizational Meeting
Public appearance through ZOOM. There will be limited seating in Council Chambers. Social distancing will be followed, and a mask must be worn in Council Chambers if you would like to attend this meeting in person.




after Organizational Meeting


409 West Wabash – Lordsburg, New Mexico

Meeting ID

896 0316 4083




a). Approval of Agenda

Approval of Resolutions and Ordinances:
a). Resolution No. 2022-01 – Governing Body Meetings and Public Notice Required (open meetings act resolution)
b) Resolution No. 2022-02 – 2022 Holiday Schedule
c). Resolution No. 2022-03 – Resolution of the City of Lordsburg ratifying a certain agreement between the City of Lordsburg and the Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments (also known as COG)
d). Resolution No. 2022-04 – Resolution to amend the FY 2023-2027

Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (also known as ICIP)
e). Resolution No. 2022-05 – Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Plan and Certification
f). Resolution No. 2022-06 – Fair Housing Policy
g). Resolution No. 2022-07 – City of Lordsburg CDBG Procurement Policy
h). Resolution No. 2022-08 – Section 3 Plan
i). Resolution No. 2022-09 – Budget Adjustment. Carried over from the December 20, 2021 meeting to be approved
j). Resolution No. 2022-10 – Premium Pay for Essential Workers. Carried over from the December 20, 2021 meeting to be approved
k). Ordinance No. 2022-01 – An ordinance establishing regulations for Medical and Recreational Cannabis (Cannabis Ordinance)


Agenda PDF

Meeting Minutes

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