Regular City Council Meeting




5:30 PM


409 West Wabash Street, Lordsburg, New Mexico 88045

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a). Pledge of Allegiance
b). Approval of Agenda

a). Minutes of Regular Meeting of January 17, 2024 (revisited)
b). Minutes of Special Meeting of January 23,2024 (revisited)
c). Minutes of Regular Meeting of February 21, 2024

Finance Department
a). Discussion/Action – Finance Statement Summary for February 2024 and Bank Statement
b). Discussion – Bills paid for the month of February 2024

New Business
a). Discussion – Dr. Dan Otero, CFO Hidalgo Medical Services – update on current providers
b). Discussion – Amanda Frost, COO Hidalgo Medical Services – update on new phone system and call center
c). Discussion – Senator Siah Hemphill, Legislative Update
d). Discussion/Action – Resignation of Lordsburg P.D. Corporal
e). Discussion/Action – New Hire and Resignation of Cashier
f). Discussion/Action – New Hire – Nathaniel Palomarez, Cashier
g). Discussion/Action – New Hire – Jessie Duran, Utility Department- laborer
h). Discussion/Action – New Hire – Boaz Salinas, Maintenance Department – laborer
i). Discussion/Action – New Hire – Caleb Saenz, Lordsburg P.D. Patrolman
j). Discussion/Action – Lodger’s Tax Recommendations
k). Discussion – Stantec update on Projects – George Esqueda

a). Discussion/Action – Addendum to Solar Ordinance No. 2022-04

a). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2024-09 – Budget Adjustments
b). Discussion/Action – Resolution No. 2024-11 – Adoption of Asset Management Policy

Executive Session
a). To discuss Threatened or Pending Litigation (Railroad) as authorized by NMSA 1978 Section 10-15-1 (H)(7)
b). To discuss Purchase of land (PNM) as authorized by NMSA 1978 Section 10-15-1 (H)(8)
c). To discuss limited personnel matter (office staff) as authorized by NMSA 1978 Section 10-15-10 (H)(2)


Meeting Minutes

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